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The Twisterry is dedicated to giving back and paying it forward whenever possible.  This year, The Twisterry is pledging to give 50% of all of today's proceeds to Space Of Her Own.  SOHO is a small, local nonprofit that is doing something very interesting to me.  Even better, their program is a good fit for my company and meshes well with my other interests in the arts and crafts area.  My gift may not be very much, this year, but I hope my customers will shop with the knowledge that their purchases today may have a positive impact on a young person's future.

Every year in recent years, the Thanksgiving holiday officially kicks off the Christmas shopping rush. Friday after Thanksgiving came to be known as "Black Friday" for local malls and shops.  Eventually came Cyber Monday, then Small Business Saturday... but the best of these gimmicky names is Giving Tuesday. This is when charities get to receive some extra love and attention while "thankfulness" is still fresh on our minds.

I've been studying various charities for some time now, looking for one that might be a good fit for me and my company.  Similar to animal lovers who give time and money to protect defenseless critters, I've wanted to help defenseless humans and have a positive impact on the wellbeing of the human race.  

For as long as I can recall, I have had a keen interest in human behavior and neural science. There is growing concern about human mental health around the world. "1 in 5 of Us Lives With a Mental Illness"* and research strongly suggests that childhood nurturing, or lack thereof, is a major contributing factor to our future mental health, moral values, and how we cope as adults.

The numbers of humans in need is staggering -- as well as the number of humanitarian organizations and charities.  It is overwhelming. I wish I could help them ALL.  

Alas, I cannot. However, I'm very excited to have found SOHO.  In addition to monetary contributions, I would love to become a mentor if I can find a similar program closer to home. 

*source: Brain & Behavior Foundation

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