Rocks by Marc & Gabrielle Hampton

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New gemstones added to my supplies! These gorgeous rocks are all from my new favorite source, Hampton's Rock Shop, in Oregon, USA. Each rock was cut, shaped, and polished by lapidarist team, Marc and Gabrielle Hampton. In the foreground are Abalone, local Oregon Grossular Garnet, and Green Aventurine surrounded by various Moss Agates, (that small blue-ish gray moss agate is especially dreamy to me!)

Unlike fancy gemstones that are treasured for their clarity (among other things), these cabachon stones tell a story with their interesting patterns, colors, and inclusions, and Marc & Gabrielle are pros at showcasing each stone's beautiful story.

I have a few design ideas already forming in my head for some of these cabochons in terms of wire wrapped pendents, rings, and bracelets -- but don't hesitate to contact me if you have a custom idea in mind!

Those pre-drilled Grossular Garnet "sticks" will make a lovely set of earrings and I know I will have a hard time letting them go.

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