Bohemian Pondering necklace

  • $197.00

This extra large glass lentil bead, handmade by lampwork artisan Karin Hruza of the Beadfairy's Lampwork, is so perfectly fantastic! It reminds me somehow of a Japanese garden. I decided to make it into a long necklace using stainless steel wire and lightweight silk cords, to keep the added weight to a minimum. I wire wrapped the silk cords added Karin's coordinating glass beads and sea green serpentine stone beads onto the trailing cord ends for a more bohemian look.

Stainless steel may not have the precious value of silver, but it has many excellent virtues. It is strong and, once hardened, it won't easily bend out of shape. It is fairly impervious to stains, rust, or tarnish, and can be polished to a brilliant luster. Unlike most precious metals, it will stand up to the potentially damaging effects of perfume, hairsprays, and sweat. The downside for me is that stainless steel is much harder to work with! A few bends and it begins to work-harden very quickly.

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