Wire Wrapped Druzy Pendant

  • $79.00

This "Iris Luster" druzy quartz pendant boasts a superfine, dense crystalline structure over it's host stone in smoothly rounded surface hills and valleys. As is typical with most manufactured druzy, this one is coated with titanium through a chemical vapor process to enhance the crystals with eye-catching iridescence and brilliant sparkle. 

When I found this gemstone, it was coarsely wrapped in heavy wire of unspecified metal. I rewrapped it with intricately woven fine copper wires, and accentuated the iridescent brilliance using Swarovski crystals snugged against the natural valleys and hollows in the cabochon's surface. I've left the copper to oxidize and age naturally, as the sulfur process might damage the titanium coating.

The term 'druzy' (or drusy) refers to tiny quartz crystals that are formed inside or on the surface of other stones when water containing silica particles is forced into a fissure or porous area of a rock and rapidly cools there. The clear crystals often form on top of previously deposited minerals, which give the particles their color. The crystals create a glittering effect as they reflect light from their many facets. The more fine and dense crystals; the higher the quality rating grade.  This druzy cabochon did not come with a rating, but the superfine structure is considered at least AA grade based on my research of manufactured druzy quartz. Intensely colored and iridescent druzy crystals are "enhanced" semi-precious gemstones.  Because they are treated, it is not correct to refer to them as "natural" druzy, however they are genuine druzy.  Neither manufactured nor natural druzy are rare but these semi-precious gems sure are pretty!

Drusy Quartz Gems can be cleaned by using warm soapy water with a soft brush.

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