Artist's Portfolio

Below is a photo collection of some of The Twisterry past works that have sold.  

Stitch In Time wedding bands

Wild Abandon

Gemstone Bangle

Double Dutch Diamonds

November Sashay 

Joyful Earth Tribal Necklace

Tree of Life pendent

Violet Transition Earrings
Sunset Metallic Charms

Sunny Skies

Puppy Love hair pin

Peridot Effervescence

Madrid Sunset Tree of Life

Copper Sunflower earrings


Caramel Sundae

Indian Summer hair pin

Ocean Amulet

Mini-Amulet Earrings 

Pharaoh's Eye

Summer Sizzle Dragonflies

Peacock Tears

Moon in a Lavender Sky

Aqua Roses 

Three Wishes Heart 

The  above photos are meant to convey the depth and breadth of the artist's skill, talent, and style.
Terry will rarely create an exact match of any original design of her own and will not intentionally replicate another designer's work, (with the obvious exception of training tutorials, which are noted and credited as such). She strives to make designs that are original and one-of-a-kind. She will, however, consider requests to make custom pieces that are similar to her own previous work. Her signature heart frames and tree of life pendents are currently among The Twisterry's most requested designs.
The Twisterry discourages requests for identical replicas in the interest of preserving those one-of-a-kind attributes that represent an important appeal to most buyers of original works and unique jewelry.
By it's very nature, handmade crafts will always include minor differences and imperfections -- even if barely perceptible to the naked eye, not to mention that exact matches are often not possible due to the uniqueness and availability of elements used in the design. 
That said, please do inquire whether any item in The Twisterry's portfolio below might be adapted for your custom request. Terry will gladly explore design possibilities for similar creations based on whichever key elements in the design are most appealing to you, (i.e., style, shape, colors, materials, etc.).​​ ​ ​
Let's talk about what you love that might translate into what is uniquely YOU!