Ancient Moon Gate earrings

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I don't know why these earrings bring to my mind ancient Chinese garden Moon Gates, but once I'd had that thought, the name stuck! Hence, here are my Ancient Moon Gate earrings forged from heavy gauge copper and featuring glass "Rustic Raku Lentils" by lampwork artisan Karin Hruza, wrapped in place with Argentium® silver. Polished and patinated for a hand rubbed old world look which nicely compliments Karin's cool rustic beads.  These earrings are slightly under 2.75 inches long from the tops of their titanium shepherds hook earwires and each earring weighs about one quarter of an ounce, (7 grams apiece).

  • Note: All earwires/earring hooks may be exchanged upon request--usually without additional cost. 

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