Dappled Light Earrings

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These beautiful glass bicone beads made by German artisan, Angelika Schott, I dubbed "Dappled Light" because they remind me of the translucent quality of fresh spring leaves with bits of blue sky filtering through the tree limbs on a gorgeous sunny day!

Just by accident, the shape of my hammered sterling silver resemble the greek Omega sign Ω (or OHM), which of course is not the same as "Om" -- but it sounds similar, haha! ;)

May you find peace and calm under the warm dappled light. Namaste!

Hand-forged from substantial 14 gauge solid sterling silver wire, these hang 2 and 1/2 inches from the tops of my handmade sterling ear wires and may feel a bit on the heavy side for those who prefer small or very lightweight earrings.

  • Note: All earwires/earring hooks may be exchanged upon request--usually without additional cost. 

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