Sea Serpent Copper Bangle

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I allowed my imagination to run wild with this freeform sculptural design, using various wire weaves & wrapping techniques to achieve fantastical patterns and visual sensations. The flowing curved lines and ruffled spine is mindful of aquatic life to me, hence, the name "Sea Serpent."

My wire sculpture is designed around a unique glass bead, made by lampwork artisan Angelika Schott, and both the weave and the bead are firmly anchored onto my handwoven viking knit chain, (threaded over a 19GA stainless steel hammered wire frame for added strength and durability). A small amount of reflective sparkle & shine comes also from a few silver-lined glass seed beads woven into the pattern here and there.

NOTE: this is a continuous bangle without an opening or clasp. The inside circumference measures just under 7.5 inches, (slightly smaller than a standard bangle size), but it can be gently flexed into an oval shape for easier on & off.

Interesting tidbit: this bangle was originally intended to serve as a prototype for a version I planned to make using Metal Purity_.935 Argentium Silver wires, but the design complexity and uniqueness dictated to me that this version IS the showpiece. I have no intention of replicating this labor intensive design! ;)

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