Autumn's Harp Song

  • $57.00

If originality is what you seek then you will certainly appreciate these earrings. Gently bowed and tightly wound with careful precision, one might almost expect to hear a sweet harp melody flow from these tiny instruments but, alas, these are not made for plucking! Instead, my wire wrapped copper work provides the frames for magnificently Fall-colored porcelain clay pottery drops, handmade by Deborah Crow Roesly, and complimentary "root beer" diamond-shaped glass beads, made by lampwork artisan Angela Bohanan. Accented with natural wooden beads and faceted AB amber crystal glass beads, these earrings are very lightweight even as they sweep the shoulders at almost 4" from the tops of their dark gray titanium shepherd's hook earwires.

  • Note: All earwires/earring hooks may be exchanged upon request--usually without additional cost. 

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