Miniature Wire Wrapped Basket

  • $195.00

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Handwoven from pure copper wires, this unique basket design was achieved without a predetermined plan. I just let the wires lead the way and this shape and pattern resulted! At approximately 2.5" X 3.5" (outside dimensions, including handle), the basket makes wonderful ornament for the Christmas tree, or as a hanging basket for a tillandsias (soil-less "air plant"), or to display a miniature bouquet of flowers in a shot glass or similar size vessel that fits within. The inside dimensions at the top opening (or mouth) of the basket measures 1.5 inches (35mm) in diameter, reducing to just three quarters of an inch (9mm) at its base over a span of 2 inches (55mm height). This artistic handmade basket is also the perfect size for tabletop condiments -- perhaps as a holder for toothpicks or tiny spreading knives and pickle forks as displayed in one of my photos here (not included with purchase).

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