Button Bracelet

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Petite, delicate, feminine "Button Bracelet" woven in both Aztec and snake pattern by me with Metal Type_.999 Fine Silver and 14k Rose Gold Fill in 30 gauge "thread" wires over 24 gauge Sterling Silver base. This labor-intensive work pained my aging eyes to produce but I'm very happy with the results. I love this bracelet! The band shines like liquid silver, or perhaps more like a damask silk weave. It beautifully glints and sparkles even in low light.

With a single large Yellow Quartz bead serving as the "button" my buttonhole design is a cinch to snap closed and unsnap to open. Should the buttonhole closure begin to feel loose over time, a quick gentle squeeze of the eyelet will instantly bring it back into shape to secure its hold on the button.

Bracelet fits best on a size 6 or 6.5 inch circumference wrist and also looks gorgeous on smaller wrists, but a snug fit is recommended. Care must be exercised, as the band is flexible and may bend if snagged or banged against hard objects. Hand-wrapped wire jewelry is not typically made from hardened anodized metals and will bend with enough force. The finer and more pure the metal, the softer it is.

Tips for straightening: firmly holding onto the weave at button end and lightly pinch the flat surface between a folded polishing cloth. Gently slide cloth along the unbuttoned band once or twice to straighten minor bends and help maintain the smooth appearance. Hold firmly onto the buttonhole end to reverse direction. Excessive polishing is not recommended, however, as the metal may become brittle.

All fine jewelry should be cleaned frequently with mild soap and water to minimize tarnishing. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely with soft cloth before storing in a moisture-free environment.

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