Lily of the Valley Woven Collar

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Lily of the Valley (May birth flower) has long been associated with the traditional feminine virtues of chastity, purity and sweetness. In the Victorian language of flowers, lily of the valley meant "return of happiness." Christians have handed down the legend of Eve's tears, which holds that when the biblical Eve wept after her expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the tears turned into lilies of the valley. Today, these delicate and sweetly fragrant flowers remain a popular wedding flower selection, representing love and happiness. As a symbol of luck, brides will often carry lily of the valley.

The Twisterry's design features a single arch of dangling blooms along an Argentium® silver stem, securely attached to the end of a gracefully flared "trumpet" of delicately woven Rose Gold Fill over sturdy Argentium® silver frame, and accented with Argentium® Silver beads and rose Swarovski crystals. All wire ends are neatly finished and filed smooth. 

Imported from Russia, the realistic glass blooms are made by the very talented lampwork artisan, Alla Funtikova. Also available upon request are an optional set of lily of the valley beads with green "butts" (shown in some of the photos). Please contact The Twisterry or include a note with your purchase if you prefer the green and white flowers over the white flowers with rose crystals. We will gladly switch them at no additional cost.

Collar is under 3 inches "tall" at its widest point in front narrowing to slightly more than one quarter of an inch (~5mm) around towards the back, where the design includes a rotating link for easy on and off. No bending or re-shaping required, no neck squeezing or pinching. Necklace lays along the collarbone area and will comfortably accommodate most neck sizes since the collar may be worn open or closed according to the wearer's preference. Just slip the hook at the top of the "flower stem" through any of the silver loops on the opposite end to close (as shown in photos). Closed, the necklace circumference measures between 13.5 and 15.5 inches.

This woven collar with handmade glass lily of the valley beads might be the perfect accessory for your wedding day! Or maybe for your daughter's debutante/coming out, belle of the ball, Quinceañera, or similar special occasion. Or maybe it's just the thing to complete your boho-chic style!

Necklace arrives wrapped with soft anti-tarnish jewelry cloth.  Regular cleaning is recommended to maintain a shiny luster, however fine wire weaving should always be handled with care. The Twisterry recommends using an extra soft toddler toothbrush with mild soap and warm water to gently clean crevices. Rinse well and dry thoroughly using a soft cloth or hairdryer.  Rewrap in its anti-tarnish cloth and store in a moisture free place. If tarnish is present, first wipe the necklace lightly with a polishing cloth.  Should deep cleaning or reshaping become necessary, please contact either The Twisterry or take it to a fine jewelry store. With appropriate care, this necklace will last a lifetime.

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