Dream Chaser Macrame Collar

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I love everything about this collar! The texture, the colors, the sparkle, and even the way the glass softly "tinkles" -- almost like wind chimes. It is also very comfortable and lightweight.

My "Dream Chaser" collar-style necklace is rather distinctive for a few reasons. I was inspired to create something different and special using the unique glass flower and leaf set made by Deena Ruiz of Silverbirch Artglass, (now retired, sadly). Much thought and many calculations were necessary, phase by phase, as each macramed knot began to form the resulting design -- not to mention the long hours spent tying tiny "micro" knots! I began this project in March, 2015, and had nearly completed it when I reached a challenging point that caused me to set it aside for more than two years until the solution finally presented itself to me. I was once again motivated to complete the necklace -- and I'm so happy that I did.

In addition to the amazing lampwork glass by Deena, the materials I used include fine silky-look nylon cord, Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver components. It is finished with a beautiful sterling silver chain and "S" clasp, which can be attached anywhere along the additional 4" of extender chain. Thus, this collar may be worn close to the neck, like a choker, or lower on the chest -- which happens to look equally nice over a ladies teeshirt or the proverbial little black dress. Imagine wearing it with long flowing layers, bohemian or pheasant style, or maybe even country-western style with jeans and leather boots! It is very versatile and a even makes great conversation piece.

The silver will tarnish over time to black, if you choose to let it do so, and will compliment the look of this necklace just fine. Alternatively, it may be kept bright and shiny with regular wiping before storing in a dry, airtight container, such as a plastic zippered bag or anti-tarnish cloth.

To wash, I recommend using gentle soap and warm water. The S-Lon cord used in this necklace is colorfast and will not shrink. Remove any visible tarnish first with a polishing cloth, taking care to avoid rubbing the macramé cords. Wash, then thoroughly rinse and press out excess moisture between clean towels.  Reshape and pin flat onto a sturdy foam board to dry. (Cork board covered with a clean white cloth could also work.) Use a hairdryer on medium or low heat setting, if desired, to speed up drying time.

Most jewelry will benefit from frequent cleaning, but always ensure it is fully dry before storing -- otherwise it may accelerate tarnishing of metal parts. It is always best to put on your jewelry after applying makeup, lotions, and hairspray.

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