Grossular Garnet Sticks

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These earrings feature natural Grossular Garnet "sticks" dangling from my hand forged Sterling Silver hoops, accented with touches of 14k Yellow Gold-Fill beads. This gemstone, (which was locally sourced in Oregon, cut, and polished by the Oregon-based rock hounds at Hampton's Rock Shop), has the look of marble or jade. In fact, the stone is often incorrectly identified as "Oregon Jade." However its chemistry belongs to the Garnet family of gemstones. This variety of opaque green Grossular Garnet is also known as Hydrogrossular Garnet. Metaphysically, Grossular Garnets are said to bring emotional balance, along with a host of other mental and physical benefits.

These beautiful Grossular Garnet Stick earrings are a favorite of mine. I have listed them for sale, with much reluctance I might add, in hopes that they find a home where they will be loved as much as I love them! Earrings hang exactly 3 inches from the tops of my hand formed Sterling shepherd's hook earwires.

  • Note: All earwires/earring hooks may be exchanged upon request--usually without additional cost. 

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