Polyclay "Stone Arrowhead" Pendent

  • $59.00
  • Save $30

This polymer clay "stone" is the result of an experiment where I was attempting to create the look of Boulder Opal -- and though I really didn't get anywhere close to opal, I ended up with some very interesting abstract pieces.  The shape of this one looks a little like an arrowhead, so I sanded and polished it up to a nice satiny sheen.

Next I bent, hammered, and polished a heavy Argentium® sterling silver wire into a pleasing design to hold the clay pendent. The bail of the pendent can accommodate a chain, cord, or ribbon up to 8mm wide.  I really love how it looks hanging on a heavy silver choker or chain, or from a suede cord for a more casual look.  Comes with suede cord, but special request commissions are certainly welcome.

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